Shade Nets

Alumitex ®

Product Description

High density polyethylene knitting net covered by aluminum on both sides, available in different densities, offering a broad range of shade percentage: 33% - 50% - 65% - 75%.

Mechanisms of action and applications

Regulates the day and night temperature by reflection

During the day reflects the solar radiation, minimizing the temperature in the highest peaks, therefore it`s application is important for:

1. Any kind of crop that requires temperature regulation to generate proper microclimates for the planted specie.

2. Plant nursery, rooting banks and any type of crop breading rooms (flowers, coffee, cocoa, African palm, ornamental plants, etc.). Places where temperature regulation is needed for healthy plant germination and growth.

3. Floriculture, during cut stages and postharvest and classification rooms, lengthening the lifetime of the cut plant.

4. As the daytime temperature drops with the use of ALUMITEX®, the irrigation frequency decreases.

5. Any area where getting lower temperatures is required: warehouses, parking lots, mobile tents, industry, etc.

6. At poultry farming, the ALUMITEX® coating shed reduces the temperature, to reach comfort levels that minimize the percentage of caloric stress mortality in growth stages.


By reflection during night avoids the accelerated loss of long wave infrared rays, contributing to maintain higher temperature in the ALUMITEX® covered areas. Therefore, outside temperature use is great for:

1. Protecting the crops against frost damage.

2. Adequate management of the temperature delta for continuous production.

3. At zones where low temperatures are frequent, so the installation of gas, air- ducts or electric powered heating systems are necessary. The use of ALUMITEX® generates significant savings, reducing the use of this type of heaters.

4. In all cases the ALUMITEX® must be installed in a retractable way.

ALUMITEX® is a tape covered by aluminum on both sides, which favors the diffused light use, either in covering or peripheral curtains and is perfect for dim lightning zones or cloud cover conditions that may slow down the crops.

Thanks to the aluminum cover, ALUMITEX® has a light refraction effect that prevents and affects some plagues vision and protect the crops. (It has been proven that reduces the population density of some plagues such as leaf-miner, white fly, thrips, etc.).


In floriculture some types of exportation roses are wanted with long stems. ALUMITEX® produces this elongation by the phototropism effect. It must be firmly and permanently installed.

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