Corporate values

Integrity: We demand in our daily activities, act with integrity; doing the right thing. We safeguard company resources, following all the rules, policies, principles and regulations required by Tesicol. We promote tolerance for diversity, fairness, trust and respect.

Excellence: We act and perform our job, going beyond our own expectations and the expectations of our internal and external customers. We seek to be better every day.

Discipline: We act in an orderly and persevering way to achieve our organizational and personal goals. We fulfill our commitments and assume responsibility for our actions and their results.

Respect: We always value without discrimination others as human beings. We are tolerant of differences and individuality and we act according to ethical and moral principles.

Austerity: We use in the best way the tangible and intangible resources. We take care of our things and the things of others to provide a better service.

Cooperation: We recognize the active participation of people as members of a team, committed to the activities and their results; we seek synergies and relationships among contributions, being able to reconcile , apparently extreme or dissimilar points of view, directed towards achieving common goals.